What is an customizable designer art toy?
A customizable art toy is a template style toy that can be modified and/or painted to make a personal toy that is unique. Various art materials can be used to paint or draw on the character itself — you can even carve on it!

Why buy an art toy?
They are a fun cheap way to create a unique gift. Create a toy that is of your own design.

How much does Doh-me cost? Where can I buy Doh-me?
Doh-Me is available for purchase for $10.00. Doh-me’s can be purchased at this online store.

Are there examples of “finished” Doh-me’s?
Examples of Doh-me’s will be shown here in the gallery. To see an example of a finished Doh-me go here.

What makes an art toy special?
They can be modified in a near infinite number of ways.

Is there a recommended age for this toy?
Ages 5 and up are the recommended ages. However, this really depends on whether a child is going to chew on the toy. This age can vary as long as they don’t eat it.

What art materials can I use with it?
The best tested art materials are acrylic paint, super sculpey, colored pencil, marker, paint marker, and pencil. Other materials with various levels of success are pen, oil pastel, and conte crayon. As general rule of thumb, any material besides paint that would be put on very thickly will not adhere permanently. Very watered down materials will also bead up on the surface.

How durable is a Doh-me?
A plain blank Doh-me is VERY durable. I have purposefully slammed them on wood surfaces and the only damage that occurred was a very mild scuff. The arms cannot be broken by hand. So in a nutshell they are hard to break. If painted, they should be handled with much more care.

What are Doh-me’s dimensions?
Doh-me’s dimensions are:
Height: 5cm(2in)
Width: 5.4cm(2.1in)
Depth: 3.2cm(1.3in)

Is the Doh-me safe?
Yes. Once the plastic resin has hardened or cured into its final state there are no harmful chemicals. The plastic is also phthalate free. However, if sanding or machining the Doh-me make sure to wear proper protection such as eye wear and masks. Do not to eat or set fire to the Doh-me. Do not feed the Doh-me after midnight.

What material is Doh-me made of?
Doh-me is made of plastic resin. The more technical name is a Polyurethane Elastomer.

Did you make these toys?

Who made these toys?
Me. I am a designer/sculptor from Karmabomb Designs.

Can I hire you to make me a custom Doh-me
Yes. I do commission work. Contact me for any inquiries.

How did you make it?
I sculpt a prototype toy using a clay called Super Sculpey. With this prototype toy I make a two-part mold using silicon, RTV silicon to be exact. Once the silicon mold is finished, I pour in plastic resin. Minutes later the plastic toy copy is ready. Nearly complete, I repair flaws in the plastic toy copy, also called a cast, and sometimes spray on coats of primer paint. After sanding these coats, the toy is ready!

I would like to make my own custom toys? How can I do this?
Read and practice. There are many skills to learn and practice. One of the best websites to learn from is Dan Perez Studios. A very good book to read is The Prop Builder’s Molding & Casting Handbook by Thurston James. If you know a someone that does moldmaking, see if you can work with them or ask them for advice. All of these things have been valuable for me.

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